2023 Sauvignon Blanc

Tasting Notes

Sunny citrus leads the charge with bright bold flavors of white grapefruit, key lime, and Meyer lemon. Our 2023 Sauvignon Blanc displays a veritable bouquet of aromatics with fragrant elderflower and jasmine blossoms followed by herbaceous lemon verbena and a hint of freshly cut grass. Punchy pops of pineapple, fresh kiwi, and crisp Asian pear round the finish for a Sauvignon Blanc that makes one long for sandy shores and a summertime swim in the sea.

Suggested pairings:

- Raw oysters with a fresh lemon mignonette
- Tortellini with an Olio di Gio pesto sauce
- Shrimp and vegetable fajitas
- A lakeside sunset in summer

Production Notes

100% certified organically grown

Cooperage Notes

Stainless steel tank fermentation